LMPS worry about similar murders

By Thabiso Thaanyane

Motsekuoa: Police Mafeteng exhumed a body of a woman aged about 51-years-old murdered and buried near Qai Qai River by unknown people on 24th, July, 2015.

A corpse was discovered by a passerby who noticed traces of blood, and followed the track down to the river where he found a hip of sand covering the woman’s body, Senior Superintendent (SSP.) Mpolokeng Shale said.

The man raised alarm and the villagers came and phoned police. It is alleged that the woman was shot on the night of 23rd July, 2015 and buried near the river.

Police attended a scene of crime and discovered shells of a 9mm gun, and morning shoes suspected to belong to the deceased.

Police also noticed blood stain and suspect that the woman was murdered at the same place. She was unidentified and conveyed to the mortuary; the corpse had some open wounds alleged to be inflicted by a gun.

SSP. Shale said the woman was suspected to be a villager of Ha Thetsane, Maseru.

The commanding officer could not say much fearing the disclosure of crucial information before the arrest of the master mind of the murder since police net is close.

Three men are under police custody for questioning on this matter.

On another incident similar, a body of a man suspected to be on his late 30s was found at Ha Pena Pena, Maseru in a nearby donga on the same day.

Police Lithoteng attended a scene and shells of a 9mm were discovered, the blood was oozing from the body and police suspected that the incident occurred in the morning.

His body was discovered after a heavy mist that blanketed many areas of Maseru on Friday 24th , Friday, July, 2015.

The deceased is not yet identified and police has circulated information to the radio stations requesting the public to help with the identification of the deceased.

Mafeteng and Maseru police commissioners respectively are appealing to the public to report their differences so that the police can help them in reaching lawful solutions instead of taking law into their own hands as these results in sour consequences.

Public is then requested to work cooperatively with police in giving information about the perpetrators of crimes so that justice may be applied.

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