AHF Lesotho commemorates Condom Day

By: Mosoaboli Mohlomi

Maseru- Even though Lesotho ranks among the countries with high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world, the country still faces a challenge of decision making in the use of condom among partners.   

Addressing Special Operation Unit police officers at Ha Mabote, Maseru during the commemoration of International Condom Day (ICD) on February 13, 2017, the minister of Police and Public Safety Honourable Phalla Monare appealed to police to correctly and consistently use condom.     

 “Let us all teach others that some things are never out of fashion when it comes to saving lives,” said Hon. Monare.

 He emphasized that condoms are always in fashion.

The minister further showed that ICD is globally marked just a day before valentine's day which is annually celebrated on the 14th February.

He said it is aimed as an advocacy to promote proper use of condom during sexual encounters.

The Minister of Police said the studies had revealed that in Lesotho the major mode of transmission is hetero-sexual intercourse.

He emphasized that condoms have been proved that if used correctly and consistently for every sexual activity, they work effectively.

He told police that uniformed personnel are classified among key populations in Lesotho, meaning, they have special needs and therefore require special attention in strategies aimed at the fight against HIV new infections. 

On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police Masupha Masupha who is responsible for administration said the statistics of police on passionate leave within police file and ranks is a clear indication that police need to correctly and consistently use condoms.

DCP Masupha said due to the nature of police work, condoms should be available when need arise.

He added that police should insist on correct and consistent use of condoms.

Present at the celebration were Dr. ’Nyane Letsie from the ministry of Health and Mrs. ’Mapaballo ’Mile HIV/AIDS Country Programme Manager and other senior police officers.