Four killed and two escaped

Thabiso Thaanyane

Senate Lebitsa

Police Pitso Ground is investigating a brutal murder of four Basotho men, who were gunned down by unknown people near Memorial Hall Maseru on the night of 5th,October, 2015.

Detective Sub-Inspector Lebohang Motanya from Pitso Ground CID department indicated that police received a tip off that there is a gun battle at Sea Point near Memorial Hall.

On arrival, the  Lesotho Mounted Police (LMPS) found four men already dead.

“One man was lying near the main road while the other three were near the local car wash and real it was a terrible scene,” D/Sub-Insp. Motanyana said.

He further mentioned that deceased were taken to the mortuary where police would perform postmortem will reveal cause of death.

Deceased were identified at the mortuary by their relatives while the two casualties are admitted at Queen ’Mamohato Memorial Hospital.

The attack is alleged to link with the ongoing fight between two rival Famo Musicians, Seakhi and Terene subsequently the four deceased are claimed to be members of Terene and as well as two victims.  

One of the eye witnesses who opted to be anonymous due to the escalating fight alleged that sometimes this on-going fight between these two rival affects people, who are not even members of the groups.

One bussinesswoman narrated that she heard a gunshot and took cover in the building where she was.

She saw people running for their lives in the streets while others were bouncing to her shop for safety. 

A day after the incident the street near Sea Point butcheries was still governed by terror as some people did not want to be seen talking with people suspected to be police or journalists as the suspicion was that other members of the rival groups were seen disguising to be customers as they were going from one shop to another.

The two victims were identified one as a popular cameraman for Terene group while his friend is a local advocate who is a registerer in the High Court of Leostho. 

Another person who also remained anonymous said the two victims are his friends and had just left him after they have done with their business and they were going to meet those four. The advocate was going to record his first album in South Africa that night.

“I wonder what could have happened to me because I could have joined them if it was not for some things that I was to settle,” a friend of the two victims concluded.  

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