LNOC hosts Olympic Day, Qacha's Nek

MASERU: The first objective of the Lesotho National Olympic Committee/Commonwealth Games Association is to encourage good health amongst the communities through sports and recreation, revealed the LNOC public relations officer Mr. Moshoeshoe Mokake.

Mr. Mokake said this in the press conference which took place at Lehakoe Recreation Center on 18, August. He told the reporters that sports promote unity of the society and create the awareness of the environment.

“Athletes should use clean and healthy environment for their training sessions”, Mr. Mokake said.

LNOC public relations officer disclosed that in order to promote good health and conducive environment they have organized an Olympic Day which will be at Masuoaneng , Qachas’nek on 23 and 24 August.

According to Mr. Mokake, the activities of the first day will focus on the environment such as tree planting, soil conservation and collection of garbage.

The second day of the event, which Mr. Mokake named the Olympic Day will show case the different sporting activities. “We are going to perform many games including those that are very scarce in the rural areas due to lack of facilities”, public relations officer said.

He further showed that LNOC/CGA works hand in glove with the authorities and the community of the identified area. “In achieving our objectives we work together with the administrators, relevant departments such as forestry, Ministry of Tourism and the community, we also involve two schools associations namely Lesotho Primary Schools Sports Association (LEPSSA) Lesotho Institutes Schools Associations (LISA)”,  Mr. Mokake said.

He said the community of Masuaneng will be highligted about Olympism and compete by answering questions. Olympic Youth Ambassadors (OYAP) will teach shepherds about environment and sports.

“OYAP through Meraka project will sensitize shepherds on sporting activities and environmental awareness”, the public relations said.

He said since 2002 until 2013 Olympic Day has been celebrated on the 23rd of June in every year, but it was discovered that during that time it is cold, hence participation is negatively affected. Therefore, they agreed that this day should be hosted on 23 August of each year.

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