Two suspects arrested

BY: Mosoaboli Mohlomi

MASERU: Police have arrested two suspects in connection with the shooting which occurred at the resident of one villager at Ha-Molumo, Morija.

Khafa Maqekoane and Monyane Resekoai both who are in their middle ages have appeared before magistrate court Maseru on August 11, 2015.

They are remanded in custody facing the charge of attempted murder.

According to Morija police report, three suspects arrived at the resident of one villager around 1900 hours and found victims sitting in the shack between two houses and started shooting at them from  outside.

Officer Commanding Morija Police, Senior Inspector Bothata ’Nei told LMPS Website that they received a telephone call from the headman of the village reporting that there was a shooting at one of his villager’s resident.

“Police patrol was sent out to find what was actually taking place,”  S/Insp. ‘Nei said .  

He said police discovered that the victims were sitting in the shack with relatives when three suspects attacked them with guns without saying a word to them.

Four people including a 12-years-old boy were shot in this incident.

S/Insp. ‘Nei said when police arrived at the scene, they managed to rescue other people who were in danger at that place and transported them to safe destinations, while victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

He explained that two shells of 9 mm pistol were discovered at the scene, though it was at night.

However, when police reconstructed the scene the following day, it was alleged that some people, probably the suspects might have taken other shells.

“The suspects were arrest during one of routine police operations. Two 9mm were found in possession of the suspects and have been submitted to police ballistics for examination,” narrated the Officer Commanding.

He highlighted that the suspects claimed to have bought those firearms from South Africa and also claim that whenever there were visitors at the victim’s house they knew they were going to be attacked that is why they attacked first.