Scott’s escape case committed into the high court

By Thabang Mohloki 

Maseru: Wednesday 18th November 2015, a suspect in the double ritual murder case of Koalabata, Berea, Lehlohonolo Scott, appeared before Maseru Magistrate Court for remand on a new case of escaping from the lawful custody but his case was committed into the High Court of Lesotho.

Scott is a prime suspect in the ritual murders of two Koalabata victims namely Moholobela Seetsa, 13-years-old and Kamohelo Mohata 22-years-old.

 He was then arrested on the 14th July 2012. He later escaped from custody at Maseru Correctional services on the 13th October 2012 while awaiting his trial at the high court of Lesotho.

During the court proceedings before Magistrate ‘Matankiso Nthunya and, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mr. Leaba Thetsane stood firmly in the Magistrate Court of Lesotho praying to the magistrate for the case of Scott to be committed in to the High Court of Lesotho.

His reasoning was that, people who helped Scott to escape from custody knew exactly what happened in his two other murder cases which were before there High Court of Lesotho of which he is to answer.

The DPP also raised his concern in court where Scott’s lawyer Adv. Hoaeane is busy spreading serious allegations about the Police saying they pressurized Scott to implicate Political opposition Leaders on his escaping plan from custody which is false.

“If the Investigators did pressurised Scott to implicate the opposition leaders, why did Adv. Hoaeane not come to court and lodge a complaint?” DPP Thetsane said, very worried on how Adv. Hloaeane is handling this case.

He even quoted an article titled ‘Scott pressured to implicate political leaders’ from a local newspaper where Adv. Hoaeane had been interviewed.

DPP proceeded by saying it was lawful for the Police to have visited Scott in the Correctional Service Premises because they had to interview him in the new case of escaping from the lawful custody.

This is where Scott’s lawyer took advantage of spreading those allegations which are false about the Police forcing Scott to implicate the opposition leaders only because the police were interviewing his client, Lehlohonolo Scott.

Scott gave the court a clear picture on that issue of implicating the leaders of the opposition on his escape from custody.

 “It is true that the Police visited me from when I was arrested in Durban RSA, they tried to interview me but I refused to answer them.

Now when I am in custody in the Correctional Service of Lesotho, they again visited me and tried to interview me on how I escaped from the lawful custody.

I chose to enjoy my right to remain silent through the advice of my lawyer,” testified Scott.

“The police just told me they have names they want me to confirm as the ones who helped me escape, but I did not allow them to give me those names, which means they never forced me to implicate the opposition leaders.” said Scott falsifying the allegations.



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