Sexual offence suspect arrested

By: Senate Lebitsa

Qacha’s Nek: A 30-year-old Mosotho male of Makoabating, Motsekuoa, who is staying at Ha Ranketsi,was arrested by Sekake police in connection with the case of sexual offence on 28th, October, 2015.

According to police report the suspect Moeketsi Chabeli who had already appeared in court on 1st, November, 2015 sexually abused the victim who is 16-years-old school student at the residence of her friend who is also a student.

It is alleged that the victim visited her friend at Ha Ranketsi, Qacha’s Nek and while doing their school work, the suspect who was already at that place sexually abused her by touching her stomach and breasts.

The matter was reported before police Sekake and the suspect who is married was arrested.

He appeared in Qacha’s Nek magistrate Court on 1 November, 2015.

He had been remanded in custody.

"People should be aware that sexual offence is a punishable crime in Lesotho," Qacha’s Nek district commissioner Senior Superintendent (S/Supt.) Hlalele Rampai said.

He continued by indicating that some Basotho men and boys just take an advantage of touching women’s breast and even praise themselves by saying, ke ile ka mo tsoara matsoele feela translated into I have just touched her breasts ignoring the fact that what they are doing act is a crime.

District commissioner emphasised that sexual offence is now becoming a problem in Qacha’Nek more especially at Ha Sekake.

He made an example of a boy who abducted a girl and detained her at his place hoping to take her to his home the following day.

“All these are unlawful acts, we are also appealing to Basotho men to take into consideriation to avoid going to jail due to ingnorace of the law as it is not an excuse ,” concluded S/Supt. Rampai. 

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