Taung community holds crime prevention campaign

By: Thabang Mohloki

Maseru: Taung community and Crime Prevention Committees of Mohale’s hoek together with police held a successful crime prevention campaign in Silioe, to curb the escalating murder in that area.

The campaign which started with a rally lead by Mohale’s hoek police through the village of Selioe to the public gathering place where speeches were delivered warning criminals to stop the shootings and killings of people in Taung constituency.  

Giving a keynote address Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Honourable Phallang Monare and a member of parliament for Taung constituency said the killings commenced in June 2012 when chief of Taung was gunned down by unknown culprits.

He further explained that several people were shot and killed at the same area recently.

He estimated that by December 2012 almost 11 people were murdered.  

However, he thanked everybody who participated on the campaign because he said he had already lost hope that there will be something done to strengthen the crime prevention committees to battle this intrusive crime of murder. 

The Assisstant Commissioner of Police (ACP) responsible for region south Mr. Matete Lenea admitted that the killings are associated with famo musicians.

He also said the shootings and killings were known to occur in Mafeteng district but now they have shifted to Taung and Quthing respectively.

He instructed that the killings must stop instantly because people are all brought up with love and respect as Basotho nation.

District Commissioner for Mohale’s Hoek Senior Superintendent (S/Supt.)  Mpolokeng Shale told the gathering that to combat crime at Taung area; police have opened two satellite police posts at Ha Moletsane and Ha Mohalinyane where Famo music followers are found in great numbers.

S/Supt. Shale stated that Bosotho are known to be a blanket-wearing nation but surprisingly people are killed only because they are not wearing the same blanket as others. She said most of crime suspected to have been committed by famo musicians and their followers occur at Ha Moletsane and Ha Mohalinyane.

Mokhele Phakiso, a chairperson of Mohales hoek district Crime Prevention Committees made the magnitude of people gathered there aware that they have come together to say ‘no’ to the killings at Taung.

He also said they have come to Taung to strengthen the committees to work even harder to make sure those criminals who shoot and kill other people are reported to Police and prosecuted before the courts of law.

 “Every person who knows someone with an unlicensed firearm please report or advice and influence such a person to surrender such a weapon to police or to the area chief because if you do not report such a person, that firearm might end your own life,” Mokhele said.  

He also begged those area chiefs to stop unlawfully owning those surrendered firearms and warned them to transfer those firearms to the Police stations immediately after receiving them.

The campaign was opened by Siloe ACL Reverend `Mateboho Tlebete  who sermonize and  made a heartfelt prayer.


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