Thetsane police ready to combat crime

By: Thabang Mohloki

Maseru: As festive season approaches, police are faced with a mammoth task of tackling crime mostly in areas such as troublesome villages, business areas and industrial areas. 

Thetsane police in the capital city of Maseru is no exemption to this phenomenon.  

Inspector (Insp.) Sepalo Kelepa of Thetsane Police Post said they are more than ready to provide safety and security around Thetsane area in this coming festive season.

He pointed out that Thetsane area is a housebreaking-stricken area which needs police to be vigilant 24/7 during holidays.

Insp. Kelepa showed that the source of this crime is the fact that residents of Thetsane are mostly workers, migrate from their work back to their home leaving their workplaces and rental premises in holidays.

“We are prepared to deploy police on beat patrol to ensure that rental and business premises around Thetsane area are safe and secure,” Insp. Kelepa said.

He explained that they have a hope that they will decrease criminal actions in Thetsane Industrial area.

He said there will also be road traffic checks focusing mainly on search for illegal weapons, vehicles which are not roadworthy, overloads and other road traffic offences.

Insp. Kelepa revealed that they have already held crime prevention awareness campaigns in the area making public gatherings and meetings with landlords.

He added that the community was sensitized about its safety together with its property. 

He reiterated that neighborhood watch is the way to go during this time and further said landlords would be advised to warn their clients to leave one person on guards at their places in order to prevent house breakings.

He further said another challenge they are facing is caused by Basotho men coming from RSA Litotomeng who usually shoot and kill people without any reason. Those men are found at Ha Tsolo village when they are present in the country.” said Insp. Kelepa.

He finally said that tavern owners around Ha Thetsane are warned to cooperate with the police and close on time stipulated by their traders’ license.