Trio burned in car accident identified

By: Thabiso Thaanyane

Three passengers who met their death near Palace Hotel along Main North 1 have been identified by their families.

The trio got trapped in the accident when their car and passenger Quantum collided head on and burned to ashes.

The trio was on their trip to Maseru while a Quantum was heading to Maputsoe.

The accident occurred on Tuesday 4th, August 2015.

It is alleged that the driver of a Quantum which was heading to Maputsoe overtook a truck at a wrong place and collided with a car that was coming from Teyateyaneng direction.

Senior Inspector Mokone Mahlasi of Berea Police confirmed that the family members of the deceased assisted with the identification.

The owner of the car was identified as Phano Tepisa 29-years-old of ‘Mate Ha Selebalo.

The other male person was identified as Bokang Paneng aged 38-years-old who is a member of Lesotho Mounted Police Service and ‘Matlolong Thoolo aged 23-years-old of Butha Buthe Khukhune.

Police further revealed that not all the people in a car died instead one man rescued by a Quantum passenger who pulled him through the windscreen.

The victim was hurried to Tšepog Hospital.

He was also known as Masiu Sefeane aged 36-years-old of Butha Buthe Makopo.

S/Insp. Mahlasi mentioned that accidents do occur, but he has never heard of a horrible accident like this one.

He indicated that previously a Quantum collided and burned, but there were no passengers in it.

“This one is the first of its kind, the suspect of the tragedy accident would be taken to courts of law as soon as police have completed investigations”, S/Insp. Mahlase said.   

He pleaded to the taxi owners to ensure that their vehicles have fire extinguishers which have not expired.

Lastly, S/Insp. Mahlase warned the drivers to drive carefully respecting road marks to avoid unnecessary deaths. 



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